Homeitbd will speed up your wordpress website speed in 24 hrs

Is your WordPress site slow?

Do you know that the most important factor most search engines consider is website speed? The fast website also means higher rankings with Web design and development company in world [updated 2020] .Homeitbd will optimize your website to load as fast as possible by:

  • Full website backup
  • Eliminate render-blocking resources
  • Preloading key requests
  • Database optimization
  • Scaling & resizing oversized images
  • Setting Expiry Headers and enabling Gzip
  • Enable WebP (Even when behind Cloudflare)
  • Optimizing all images without quality loss
  • Minifying & Combining CSS, JS and HTML
  • Reducing TTFB by enabling Page caching
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
  • WordPress update & plugin updates
  • Baseline and completion speed assessment report
  • Decrease load time for your WP sites.
  • Lazy Loading of YouTube/Vimeo videos, images, iframes and external resources*
  • Upgrading PHP Version to 7.X (ensuring compatibility included)
  • Enable CloudFlare or similar CDN for your site to enhance response time
  • Google ranks you higher.
  • Bounce rates decrease.
  • Conversion rates increase.

Your pages will be FASTER & SMALLER.Rest assured that the look and functionality of your pages won’t be affected in any way.Let’s face it no one likes a slow website. Think of how many times you left a site because it was too slow? * Lazy loading of external resources (GTag, FB Pixel, Live chats, etc) requires additional coding and is available with Web design and development company in world [updated 2020] .